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Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt takes online casinos by storm

The long-awaited collaboration between Evolution Gaming and NetEnt is finally here! Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is based on the legendary Gonzo character from the slot game Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt, and now he’s here to help you on your treasure hunt in a live gameshow!

This game is essentially a live gameshow, with Gonzo as the animated virtual host, as well as a human live host. The duo will help you place your bets and then watch the events unfold in three game rounds, culminating with Big Reveal where you’ll see if you won or not!

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the first – and certainly not the last – live dealer game that can be played using a virtual reality headset. The first game in the industry to offer VR was none other than the slot game Gonzo’s Quest. This game can be played in a normal way on any device, but a VR headset will bring out all of its shine.

Game mechanics and odds

You’ll be asked to select the number of picks, and a number of prize symbols you want to discover. Your decision will make for a low- or high-risk game, as you get to choose if you want to frequently win small or go for that mega win.

There are six colors of stones that you can pick. Brown (1x payout), Orange (2x), Purple (4x), Green (8x), Blue (20x) and Red (65x). The higher payout stone you select, the higher the variance of your game.

In The Treasure Hunt segment you’ll be selecting the stones. The Prize Drop segment will then unfold, where bonus prizes and multipliers will be added to the stones. Finally, The Big Reveal will tell you if you matched any bet to a stone. If you did, you have won the prize.

Theoretical return to player (RTP) of this game is 96.56%, with each individual stone having its own RTP but none differ too far from the average so you may consider the RTP to be the same across the board.

Strategy for winning Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

If you follow the link at the beginning of this article you’ll see strategies for winning this game discussed in detail. Here we’ll go for a shorter version.

The main decision a player needs to make is how much chances does he want to take. There are basically three ways to go. Low risk and low reward, where you’ll be winning small prizes often but run the risk of getting eaten up by the house edge. High risk and high reward, where you’ll be risking a certain amount of money in an attempt to win a mega prize. And finally, the golden middle, where you’ll be winning often but will open the door to winning a larger prize.


This game is nothing short of spectacular if we look at its effect on the global online gambling industry. A virtual reality game with a virtual host and a live host, and it will certainly not be the last one of its kind. Make sure you get your VR headset ready and go enjoy this game!

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