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Various Personalities and Qualities Define Different Types of Sports Bettors

Sport betting is an art that cannot be handled by everyone. Generally, there are two types of bettors, first the ones who occasionally bet for fun, and second those who are betting to earn. However, sports bettors are also described in terms of their personalities. In this article, we will learn about different types of sports bettors who have unique characteristics and qualities.

Betting online has become a trend. Most sports betting sites are authentic and licensed, but people should also be aware of shady sites. Before signing up and investing money, ensure that you’re dealing with the right people.

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Types of Sports Bettors

  • ‘Scrooge McDuck’ is filthy rich and loves his enemy. These Scrooge bettors also place their wagers on anything, but hate losing.
  • ‘Captain Addiction’ is sports addicted and place wagers carelessly. They finally end up losing the bet and getting into debt, still, they’re addicted.
  • ‘Numbers Guy’ always believes in crunching data and his numbers instead of relying on their guts or bookmakers. No matter what the lines, odds, and bookmakers portray, they will still believe their numbers.
  • ‘That Guy’ is a sports bettor who thinks he knows all and dominates everyone with his own opinion.
  • For ‘Mr. Recreational’ sports betting is a form of entertainment and they don’t take it much seriously. They’re careless with their betting which is beneficial for the bookmakers.
  • ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ considers betting as an investment similar to stock investment so; they focus on strategies, systems, and numbers. These bettors have inside connections that help them with relevant information.
  • ‘Props McGee’ isn’t confined to only sports betting. You will find them betting on any topic from entertainment to politics.
  • Lonnie Loiterer is the one who never leaves the betting site at all. They look homeless, but they often carry a huge stack of cash at the sportsbook.
  • ‘Mr. Fantasy’ believes that a game can be interesting only when there is betting with money. They get high instantly when they see a wager attached to a game.
  • ‘Career Gamblers’ are betting oriented people who make their living from sports betting. Carrier Gamblers are often correct with their betting because they’re making their living through it.

To gain profit from sports betting, players need to have some traits of a good bettor. Every successful bettor sees betting as an investment. If you’re a hobby player then play with few wagers.

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